Custom English lessons in your own home.

Expert instruction specializing in overcoming challenges specific to Japanese learners. Learn with a fun and engaging experience in your own home.

The best instruction for kids and adults

I teach kids of all ages, housewives, and businessmen. Lessons are designed to suit the level and interest of each individual student.

What are lessons like?

I use a combination of textbooks, videos, and games to make learning fun and interesting. Lessons are custom made for the individual learner and target the areas where they need the most work.

I use interesting topics and discussion questions found in a variety of conversation books to ensure students can express themselves in conversation. Students will gain confidence using English in everyday conversation.


We will work on using proper grammar and sentence patterns to allow students to communicate effectively. Working from textbooks and using real world examples means students learn how English grammar works quickly.


As a native English speaker with a neutral accent, I model the correct way to pronounce words and highlight consonants and vowel sounds that typically give Japanese speakers the most trouble. You can speak clearly so that you are easily understood.

Everyone can learn English, not just children

I teach all ages, including adults. You can study English at home while your children are at school. If you have small children, you can watch them while we learn, no problem. If you are at work, I can come to your office and we can study there. If you would like to study in a small group, that is fine as well. Whatever works best for you, we can do it.

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We appreciate all Mr. Sanford's support for our 5th and 6th grade kids. Mr.Sanford teaches the lessons using textbooks and card games so that our children enjoy learning English. He also helps with their homework and makes speeches. We can count on him.

U. Y.

We are grateful for Mr. Sanford's English lesson. Mr. Sanford is very familiar with how to teach ESL students, especially Japanese students. My son who is in 4th grade loves his lesson with the various games and is having fun studying English.

Daisuke Shimada

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Jessy Jones
CEO @ Jonas

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Jessy Jones
CEO @ Jonas
I make learning fun!

I use a variety of active learning methods including card games, music videos, and activities to make learning fun. When you are interested in your lessons, you learn faster and enjoy what you are learning. Children stay interested for longer and look forward to their lessons.

Learn Faster
When you are having fun with your lessons, you learn faster.
Enjoy your time learning
You will spend many hours learning English. Make sure you enjoy them.
Learn with music!

I use Flocabulary music videos so students can learn new vocabulary quickly. Students enjoy the high quality music and fun animation while being able to read the text with the singer. Flocabulary includes exciting activities and quizzes. Students like to use technology in their lessons, too.

Music adds interest to lessons
High quality music and songs keep students interested and help them learn faster.
Games, Quizzes, and Readings built in
Flocabulary includes many different activities, not just music videos
Be creative in your studies!

Different activities built into lesson plans provide students with interesting ways for them to express themselves. Playing games is a good way to build communication skills, learn how English is used in an informal setting, and express yourself in a creative way.

Learn English informaly
Students learn English that they can use to make friends at school.
Create natural english phrases
Students learn the way English is used in real life.
Contact me to get a free lesson
Your first lesson is always free so you can see if I will be a good fit for you and your needs. We can talk about what you would like to do with your lessons in detail and get to know each other better.

About Me

I have been tutoring Japanese students in ESL for more than ten years now. I started teaching in the JET program in the town of Yachiyo in Hyogo Japan. I was an ALT in elementary, middle and high school. I also taught privately in local businesses around town. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to make teaching my career.

When I returned home to Houston in 2004 I attended the University of St Thomas Teacher Certificate Program and taught math at Milby High School for two years. After completing this assignment, I started tutoring math and ESL with my own business.

I received my bachelor's degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Also while there I did a semester abroad in Bali, Indonesia with The School for International Training. I received my TESOL certification at ECC, Thailand in 1999. I speak American English with a neutral accent and nice pronunciation.

I am currently tutoring math online in the mornings and ESL tutoring in the afternoons and evenings. I also enjoy playing computer games, singing, and movies. I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn English.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions you might have about studying with me
Where do we study?

I will come to any location. The best spots are your home, office, or a meeting room in your apartment. If you live in an apartment they may have a conference room that you can reserve. It is best to have a location where there is not too much noise and you can concentrate on your lessons.

Which books do we use?

We will use ESL textbooks that are level and interest appropriate for the student. I use Let's Go, Connect, and Interchange for elementary, middle school, high school, and adults respectively. Each series has different levels from beginner to advanced. If you have a book you would like to use, that would be fine too.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

You only pay for the lessons that you actually take. There is no cancelation fee and you can cancel anytime before the lesson starts. This is a very flexible arrangement because I want to provide the best service for you.

I have two children. Can they study together at the same time?

Yes, they can. Although it is usually better for each child to have their own lesson, especially if they are at different levels. You can get a discount for two students as well.

I would like to start learning as soon as possible. What should I do?

Fill out the contact form in English or Japanese and I will be in touch with you shortly. We can start the next day if that works for you.

Let me know your information and get your free lesson ASAP

You can contact me in Japanese or English. I will respond by email as soon as I get your information. We can discuss your needs further and get you set up with a free lesson.

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